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Streaming Audio Player app develop by Angular

here i am explain a live app. If you want to making a live project for your website. and want to some interesting addition with audio player in your website

10 Important Skills required for home-based jobs

Very Important Skills for home-based jobs in 2020. 10 Skills is very importent for home based jobs. Know what is that 10 Skills must be know for you.

Learn Web Design - 15 Days Challenge

Do you have passion for web designing? Learn web design in just 15 days. Follow the subsequent 11 valuable web design tips for beginners. Act now!

Top 7 Software Professional Web Designers Commonly Use

Every Software Developer use these common rules for software Development. If you wanted to be good software developer then your must be learn this article.

Top 5 Programming Languages in 2019

Here I have shared my opinion about the top best 5 programming languages to learn in 2019. By learning one of these languages you can get a job as you expected. They work closely with IT staff, managers, and end users in their organization or client organizations to develop, maintain, and test computer programs.

Working with Location(GPS) in Android

You will be learning about Android GPS System Implementation Tutorial. In this article you will be learning GPS System how it developing app

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