What I am doing...

Software Consulting

Are You business man / Entreprenur / Start-up? If you are find the best software solution for your business. But you want to know which technology gives you the power and cost effective solution for your business. What kind of Software Developers to be hired. You have just started your online business few months before, but you are still struggling with your online application.

Software Training

My vision is to make the young generation aware of the full potential of technology. During the seminars and workshops that I conduct, I come across many talented youths who know a lot of things, but they never care to dig deep. They think about the latest technologies that Apple is working on, a new feature that Facebook is about to release. But they hardly think about how they can benefit from them.

Tech Entreprenur

I am an entrepreneur. Not a businessman, but an entrepreneur—because I have a vision. My vision is to digitalize common lives. In the past two decades or so, there has been a massive growth in technology. Yet, we are only reaching towards the golden age of technology. There is far more to come, far greater heights to reach. If not already, we are about to enter a world where technology will sustain us.

How I helping...

I care about how to improve every aspect of our life by the use of technology and programming languages, be it education, business or lifestyle. If you are a CS student or a working professional, you need to catch the industry pulse and must have core concepts of programming to build your career and grow with it. Now every other day there is a new update in programming languages or new frameworks are in requirement and if you have the in depth knowledge of the core of that programming language, then it will be much more faster & easier to adopt those things. If you are running a business then in this digital age your business needs online presence in order to connect with your audiences and somehow you also need to know about how you can leverage technology to make it more beneficial for your business.

Shibaji Debnath

Software Engineer, Developer and Trainer

I make people aware about core knowledge and concepts about programming and technology. I don't care about theories, conventions or anything all.

Do you Searching a Better Application Developer? and want make A Market Leading Software Development for your Idea? From this video, you will be know about software development technology uses. How that technology is better for your business growth.

Students and Clients Feedbacks / Reviews

Shibaji is one of the few tutor to whom teaching is synonymous with passion. With vast knowledge and immense patience he guides students to achieve skills and understanding that requires to survive, adapt and touch the pinnacle in the competitive and fast changing IT job market.

Rajarshi Haldar

Website Design & PHP and MySQL

All classes are awesome. Once you will learn, you will never forget.

Rajesh Kumar

PHP & MySql Training

I am writing this feedback after completion of one month Web development course from Mr. Shibaji Debnath. The learning experience was simply wonderful, simple, solid and lucid. Amazing experience. Cleared all concepts. Helped me gain confidence and expertise in my training. He is really a well experienced and knowledge full teacher, Always ready to help. He shares his knowledge and gives training in a very simplified manner and clarifies your every doubt with patience. He keeps his lesson effective. He keeps his lesson effective. If you only want certificate then this place is not for you people. I will definitely recommend him as a college student who wants to learn.

Rishi Adhikary

MEAN Stack Training