MEAN Stack Training

Complete MEAN Stack Training

In this training, you will be know how can use MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS 1, NodeJS as a professional. After course end we will be doing 1 project with MEAN Stack

Prerequisite: Basic Website Development Knowledge, Basic JavaScript Development

Duration: 40 Hours

Actual Price: ₹12000/-
Offer Price: ₹10800/-

Class Type: Online / Offline

With Angular 6/7, Course Fees: Rs. 16,000/- 

Course Details:

  • Introduction of nodejs
  • Setup nodes environment
  • Introduction of NPM
  • Setup and Import Express Module
  • NPM initialization
  • Import node modules
  • Setup Express Framework
  • Start programming with Express Module
  • Create Router for app
  • Create Controller with ExpressJS
  • Create Model with ExpressJS
  • Create Basic Website Template using with MEAN Stack
  • Discuss system architecture
  • Resource Handling
  • Server Side Configuration
  • Client Side Configuration
  • Services Handling
  • Hooks Handling
  • Public Resource Developed and Maintained by AngularJS
  • Mongo Database Installation
  • MongoDB Basic Instruction
  • MongoDB Driver Setup with MEAN Stack
  • Session Handling
  • Cookies Handling
  • File Handling
  • VHost Configuration
  • Server Setup procedures