jQuery Training

Join jQuery Training in Kolkata to Learn jQuery with Experts Guidance

Prerequisite: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Duration: 15 Hours

Class Type: Online/Offline

Offer Price: ₹6000/-

Do you want to be a web developer? Then, learning jQuery is utmost important for you. To learn jQuery, joining a jQuery training course will be the best option for you. These days, the demand for jQuery is damn high because it makes the use of javascript easier on websites. For a web developer,  it offers a user-friendly and interactive environment. Nowadays, web developers broadly use jQuery during developing a website. JQuery is a compact, and feature-rich JavaScript library. With the use of an easy-to-use API, it makes the things i.e. event handling, animation, Ajax, HTML document traversal and manipulation much easier.

Hence, if you want to see yourself working as a web developer in your desired company or want to freelance with web development, enroll the jQuery training in Kolkata to learn jQuery. Shibaji Debnath is a popular website for jQuery training classes. Skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable faculties will guide you in this jQuery Course in Kolkata. Let’s take a look at our jquery training course details:

Our jQuery Course Details

Course Details:-

  • jQuery Introduction
  • jQuery Install
  • jQuery Syntax
  • jQuery Selectors
  • jQuery Event Methods
  • jQuery Effects – Hide and Show
  • jQuery Effects – Fading
  • jQuery Effects – Sliding
  • jQuery Effects – Animation
  • jQuery Stop Animations
  • jQuery Callback Functions
  • jQuery – Chaining
  • jQuery – Get Content and Attributes
  • jQuery – Set Content and Attributes
  • jQuery – Add Elements
  • jQuery – Remove Elements
  • jQuery – Get and Set CSS Classes
  • jQuery – css() Method
  • jQuery – AJAX Introduction
  • jQuery – AJAX load() Method
  • jQuery – AJAX get() and post() Methods
  • jQuery – The noConflict() Method

jQuery Advanced:-

  • Events
    • Browser Events
    • Document Loading
    • Event Handler Attachment
    • Event Object
    • Form Events
    • Keyboard Events
    • Mouse Events
  • Forms
  • Internals
  • Manipulation
    • Class Attribute
    • Copying
    • DOM Insertion, Around
    • DOM Insertion, Inside
    • DOM Insertion, Outside
    • DOM Removal
    • DOM Replacement
    • General Attributes
    • Style Properties
  • Miscellaneous
    • Collection Manipulation
    • Data Storage
    • DOM Element Methods
    • Setup Methods
  • Offset
  • Properties
    • Properties of jQuery Object Instances
    • Properties of the Global jQuery Object
  • Selectors
    • Attribute
    • Basic
    • Basic Filter
    • Child Filter
    • Content Filter
    • Form
    • Hierarchy
    • jQuery Extensions
    • Visibility Filter
  • Traversing
    • Filtering
    • Miscellaneous Traversing
    • Tree Traversal
  • jQuery – Custom Plugins Development
  • jQueryUI Uses & development.
  • jQuery – QUnit Testing Tools.
    •  Assert
    • Async Control
    • Callbacks
    • Configuration and Utilities
    • Test

Finally, you can see to learn jQuery, you just only need to have knowledge of HTML, CSS, and the Javascript. Probably, you may not have extended knowledge of JavaScript. If so, you can join our javascript training courses and learn it step by step wisely.

In this fast-moving world, you need to learn smart and fast. For that reason, Shibaji Debnath covers complete jQuery training within just 15 hours. So, within 15 hours you can learn jQuery and work with it efficiently. Our course fee for jQuery course is also very affordable. You can easily afford it.

So, at Shibaji Debnath, you can obtain jQuery Course in Kolkata at very economical expenses and learn it within just 15 hours. Therefore, why are you waiting for? Take action immediately i.e. book your seat here for our excellent jQuery training in Kolkata right now!