Flask Python Training

Course Duration: 2 Months
Class Type: Online / Offline

Shibaji Debnath

Enroll Flask Python Training to Learn Python Flask Framework

Prerequisite: Core Python, Web Designing(HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT)

Duration: 2 Months

Class Type: Online / Offline

Actual Price: ₹10000/-

Offer Price: ₹8000/-

Flask is a micro web framework has ubiquitous use for website development in these days. This micro web framework is written in Python. You have normally heard the term web framework, but do you know why the flask python is called a micro web framework? Because flask python doesn’t require any particular tools or libraries. For form validation, it also has not any database abstraction layer as well.

Basically, Flask Python is used for building complex, and database-driven websites, which principally contain static pages. It has immense demand in the recent market because it helps a web developer to make web apps and website quite swiftly and efficiently.

Therefore, if you want to be a web developer, learn python flask framework. It will help you a lot in your job career. If you are in trouble to find the best classes for python flask framework, enroll Shibaji Debnath for flask python training classes in Kolkata to learn it straightway.

Our Flask Web Development Course Details

  • Flask – Overview
  • Flask – Environment
  • Flask – Application
  • Flask – Routing
  • Flask – Variable Rules
  • Flask – URL Building
  • Flask – HTTP methods
  • Flask – Templates
  • Flask – Static Files
  • Flask – Request Object
  • Flask – Sending Form Data to Template
  • Flask – Cookies
  • Flask – Sessions
  • Flask – Redirect and Errors
  • Flask – Message Flashing
  • Flask – File Uploading
  • Flask – Extensions
  • Flask – Mail
  • Flask – WTF
  • Flask – SQLite
  • Flask – SQLAlchemy
  • Flask – Sijax
  • Flask – Development
  • Flask – FastCGI


  • Working on project using Flask

Here, we start Flask Python Training from the very beginning. So, if you don’t have any knowledge about flask web development, you will not face any difficulties anymore. Similarly, if you have quite a bit of idea regarding flask python i.e. what is flask python, how it works, and other few basic concepts, it will be easier for you to grasp the course more smoothly.

To learn flask python, you are required to have knowledge in Core Python and basic web designing tools. If you don’t have proper knowledge of those, you can learn it by availing the courses from our website as well. Once you will learn both of the prerequisite courses and then come for attaining flask python course, it will easier and comfortable for you to learn it swiftly. You can learn flask python framework completely within just 30 hours. Our course fee is also very affordable to avail.

Therefore, at last, the most noteworthy matter is within just 30 hours, you can learn complete flask python framework with the guidance of highly-proficient experts. Just imagine! You can avail the flask python training along with such facilities by spending a very few amounts of expenses.

Hence, don’t wait! Enroll in Shibaji Debnath for the best flask python training in Kolkata today!

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