Advanced Web Design

Course Duration: 40 Hours
Class Type: Online / Offline

Shibaji Debnath

Advanced Web Design Course

Prerequisite: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Duration: 40 Hours

Class Type: Online/Offline

Price: ₹16000/-

Do you want to learn Advanced Web Design Course? You are required to complete the basics of website designing training? As soon as you have completed the course, you will be absolutely ready to take participation in the advanced website design course. Shibaji Debnath is one of the most popular trainers in advanced web designing. Here, you will get the best advanced website designing training in Kolkata with the help of the best trainer ever.

As you know, because of the advancement of technology, there have lots of resources available over the internet, where learners can get advanced web design syllabus and start learning it. But, to be frank, when you are learning something new, the assistance of some expert is always the best. Yes, you can find resources from the internet, but to learn it appropriately, you should consult an expert of that particular field. Shibaji Debnath is one of them, the expert, who is providing advance web designing course and till now helped lots of aspirants to learn the best.

Recently, web designers have high demands in companies. Normally, companies want candidates, who have good skills in conceptualizing, website layouts planning, UI/UX designing, concepts of colors, icons, images, and interactivity. Imagine, if you know web designing up to the advanced level, how much easy it will be to get a perfect job in this competitive market!

What Will You Learn in Advance Web Designing Course with Shibaji Debnath?

In the future, if you want to be a professional web designer, this advance web designing course is going to help you a lot. Let’s dive into our advanced web design syllabus.

Our Advanced Website Design Course Details:

NodeJS Introduction

  • Why is NodeJS? How it work?
  • NodeJS Installation / Environment Settings
  • Advanced Concept of website designing
  • What is a dependency? Understanding About Build Tools.
  • JavaScript How to working with advanced Website Designing.

Gulp Training:

  • Gulp JS Installation / Built Tools Setup
  • Basics / Package Manager Settings of Gulp
  • Gulp Developing And Application
  • Combine Tasks with Gulp
  • Gulp Watch / RealTime Compilation for Web Resources
  • Gulp Live Reload / Live View
  • Optimizing CSS and JavaScript with Gulp
  • Gulp Optimizing Images
  • Website Designing with LESS and SESS
  • How to use LESS and SESS
  • Variable of LESS and SESS

LESS, SCSS & SASS Training:

  • Nested Rules
  • Nested Directive and Bubbling
  • Operations
  • Escaping
  • Functions
  • Namespaces And Accessors
  • Scope
  • Comments
  • Importing, Variables, Extends and Mixins
  • Parametric Mixins and Mixins as Functions
  • Passing Rulesets to Mixins
  • Import Directives and Import Options
  • Mixin Guards and CSS Guards, Loops, Merge, Parent Selectors
  • Functions
  • Misc Functions
  • String Functions
  • List Functions
  • Math Functions
  • Type Functions
  • Color Channel Functions
  • Color Operation
  • Color Blending Functions
  • Command Line Usage
  • Using Less in The Browser
  • Less Plugins
  • Less Programmatic Usage
  • Online Compilers
  • Less GUIs
  • Editors and Plugins with Less
  • Less Third Party Compilers

Less Frameworks

  • Preboot
  • Shape.LESS
  • 3L Less Framework

Angular Website Designing Training

  • Introduction Of Angular
  • Angular Setup & install required modules.
  • Creating a Bootstrap Template with Angular
  • Creating Components, Directive, Filters With Angular
  • WebService API Integration with Angular.

ReactJS Website Designing Training

  • Introduction Of ReactJS
  • ReactJS Setup & install required modules.
  • Creating a Bootstrap Template with ReactJS
  • Creating Components, Directive, Filters With ReactJS
  • WebService API Integration with ReactJS.

VueJS Website Designing Training

  • Introduction Of VueJS
  • VueJS Setup & install required modules.
  • Creating a Bootstrap Template with Vue
  • Creating Components, Directive, Filters With Vue
  • WebService API Integration with VueJS.

Some Important UIs

  • Bootstrap UI
  • Semantic UI
  • Metro UI
  • Ink UI

As soon as you search on a search engine for advanced website design classes in Kolkata, you can find lots of result over there. But, don’t get confused. Choose the best advance web designing course in Kolkata, i.e. Shibaji Debnath because here you can learn everything related to advanced web design syllabus with proper care and guidance under one roof. Therefore, hurry up and avail the best Advanced Web Design Course in Kolkata now!