Building directive with AngularJs

Building Angularjs directives

You will learn how to shape AngularJS directives in order to perform meaningful work in your applications. Directives are perhaps the most flexible and powerful tool available to you in this framework and utilising them effectively is integral to architecting clean and scalable applications. By the same token, it is very easy to fall prey […]

Real Time Currency Converter by using AngularJS

Real-Time Currency Converter by using AngularJS

  AngularJS is a JavaScript based framework, which gives us the ability to manipulate HTML dom easily. Today we will learn to create Real Time currency converter by AngularJS. When you wanted to make this project yourself then you must have some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS & JavaScript. By knowing these technologies you can understand this project easily. So […]

Angular 1 vs Angular 2

Angular 1 vs Angular 2

Angular team has released the angular 2, which has drastically change the way programmers interact and work with Angular framework in the past. In this post I will tell you the common changes made by the team in the current release. The primary goal of latest Angular 2  is to create an easier and more powerful […]

Top 8 Reason to learn angular Js

Top Reasons To Learn AngularJS

Angular Js is the most fascinate library in the modern web development. In fact it has some unique features that make this the choice of perfect web designers. It is not tough to diagnose the popularity and usefulness of it if we see why Facebook, Netflix, paytm etc big brands are relying on it.