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If you are really wanted to start the job or build your career in IT Software Development Field. Then you can join my courses. Here I have listed all new technologies or programming languages which are most demandable in IT Fields. Best Training will be provided by Hindi / Bengali by myself. It is my grantee.

Also, If you are already software professional / IT Entrepreneur, Want to grow your salary/product innovation then you can join my courses.

Online Training Classes give you facilities to get live interaction with the trainer. When you wanted to learn some new technologies, that time you may be faced so much difficulty to understand the concept of technology. Sometimes getting bored when you watching tutorials videos. But Online Training will be always exciting because you always interact with the trainer.

Now I am re-arranged my course contents IT Industries requirement basis. This course will be helping you for cracking job interviews or work as an Independent software developer.

If you think about to get a training then you can check your availabilities. Like your timing, cost or reliableness.

    • If you are already in any profession and you wanted to grow up your skills. then you can go for online training.
    • When you already think to get online training then you find the cost of training. Maybe online training sometimes costly. But I (Shibaji Debnath) am providing you best quality of professional level of training with affordable prices. Which gives you confidence about your skills.
    • If you wanted to get training through online training then you can check the reviews through google search you will be getting reliability from there. If you wanted to join with me then you can search for me in google. Also, you can visit my another third party profile, where you can check my students review
    • I am not expert of all of my training modules but I have professional experience about that training which I am taking the training. Because I am working as a software developer so many years. For that reason, I can be understanding any new software technologies. But I have listed here only that technologies which I have good knowledge of that. But except this technologies, I know so many things which I am not listed here.
  • After Completing training you can always get suggestion and discuss your job or project. I will always give positive way to achieve your difficulty.