Industrial Training for Software Developer

software development industrial training

Biggest Opportunity for newcomers. Who wanted to boostup their career as a software developer

Dear Students,

I am going to start Software Developer Industrial Training very soon. This training is suitable for you if you are ready to start your career in IT industry and looking for jobs, then this training session will be best fitted for you. It is basically for everyone (regardless of their educational background) whoever wants to make a career in this industry.

This training session will be best fitted for you if you are a fresh computer science graduate and wants to join a renowned company, but lagging behind in interviews for your lack of knowledge on real world programming method and projects.

This training session will cover from beginner to advanced topics in major areas of various programming languages and technologies which are currently in demand. Also, this industrial training session not only covers theoretical portions but majorly focuses on practical hands-on knowledge on every topic.

Here are few FAQ regarding this industrial training session.

Question: Which topics this training session will cover?

Answer: In this industrial training session, you will know about C, C++, ShellScript, Python, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL, Mobile Apps Development. This is a huge training session which will give you a complete knowledge on software development. After taking this course you will be job-ready and confident enough to crack any interview. You will be ready to start you career as a web designer, web developer, software developer, Mobile App developer, system admin and many more job roles related to IT industry.

Question: What is the duration of the course?

Answer: As this session will cover many areas in IT industry and make you a complete software developer this will require much long duration. It will require 6 months to complete the whole training session.

Question: How many days in a week?

Answer: It will be 3 days in a week.

Question: What is the admission procedure for this training session?

Answer: If you are interested in this industrial training session, then first register yourself in the form below. Then we will provide you with few demo sessions on various topics and after these sessions, we will take an exam. Based on the performance of the exam if you are eligible enough to join this course then we will go further for admission process and you will be part of a group of people in a class of enthusiastic, energetic and ready to learn fast students.

Question: What is the course fees?

Answer: Total Course Fees Rs. 15,000/- If you wanted to pay one / two part. Otherwise, You wanted to pay by month Rs. 3000/- per month.

Question: What will be needed for this training?

Answer: For this training, you will need a laptop with the specification of windows10, Intel I5 processor and 4GB RAM.

Question: After finishing the training session will I get guaranteed job?

Answer: I am here not to make any fake promises but I will take care that each and every student get a job after taking this training, that is why I have decided to take exam test before the admission. I can’t make a sloth run like a horse, nobody can do it.

To make sure nobody becomes lazy in this long duration, of course, we will take tests in every month and after 6 months we will conduct another final test. If you can get more than 80% marks in all exams, then I am sure you will get best-fitted job for you right after finishing this training session.

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