How To Create Custom Slider with Custom JavaScript

Custom Slider with JavaScript

People love to see images & graphics and slider effects is one of the best way to display this on websites. As a designer you always search for jQuery/JavaScript image slider codes on google and integrate them with your design. Also most of the designers think that it would be difficult to make a custom image slider code by own. But it is not that difficult if you wish to create custom slider with JavaScript.

Here in this article I am going to show you how you can create a custom slider effects for images by using JavaScript with HTML & CSS. You need to have basic understanding of HTML, CSS & JavaScript and how JavaScript interact with HTML dom object.

At first we will create a very simple HTML element nodes.

It creates the area of slideshow codes. Now we can write some basic CSS codes for this slide show.

we  can create JS Codes for this application. Here we are writing JS Codes for adding

  1. hide state for HTML  slide elements.
  2. show state setup for HTML one slide after hiding.

JavaSctipt Codes For this.

After this codes If you can use the codes for animation.

Through this codes you can make automated slideshow with 5 seconds duration. setInterval syntax can create an animation function calling. This syntax give repeatedly function calling activity and also can set few delay time we can used here eg: setIntervel(function(){…},1000); 

But when we are using some special effects in our slider then we need to create some CSS codes for styling and animation.

This codes makes your Interactive Slideshow. This is the main concept of Slideshow using HTML, CSS and JavaScript without using jQuery.

Now Full Code Snippet:

HTML Code:-

CSS Codes : Name:- effecto.css

JS Codes: Name:- effecto.js

This is all codes for using

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