About Me

All about my vision and work experiences

Shibaji Debnath

I am an entrepreneur. Not a businessman, but an entrepreneur—because I have a vision. My vision is to digitalize common lives. In the past two decades or so, there has been a massive growth in technology. Yet, we are only reaching towards the golden age of technology. There is far more to come, far greater heights to reach. If not already, we are about to enter a world where technology will sustain us.

The young generation has, no doubt, embraced this tide of technology. Everyone today has a smartphone in hand and a computer at home. But how much of technology have we applied? Assimilated it, made it a part of our lives? I think there is a lot that we can leverage from technology. After all, technology is applied science; the more we internalize technology, make it a part of our life, the better.

My vision is to make the young generation aware of the full potential of technology. During the seminars and workshops that I conduct, I come across many talented youths who know a lot of things, but they never care to dig deep. They think about the latest technologies that Apple is working on, a new feature that Facebook is about to release. But they hardly think about how they can benefit from them.

I have formed my company, Medust Solution, to give them that direction. To change the way they think. The goal of this company is to bring the web technology to everyone. Unlike the other companies, we don’t present a feature, we present solutions. We create web applications, plug-ins, and mobile apps that help you benefit.

Apart from Medust Solution, my team has a few other services to offer: LARNR Education: An education company, where we are providing quality education on technology as well as how to use technology for education.

9tonine: A free website where you can post your classified ads.

I believe that if you dream big, you must live up to it. Since technology is ‘fluid’, you have to keep abreast. Therefore, I always keep myself up to date on the latest trends and share them on my blogs (links below). The areas that interest me in particular are:

  • Programming languages (C, C++, JAVA, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Embedded Systems, Python, Ruby etc).
  • Machine Learning / Data Science
  • Training (I conduct professional and personal training).

So, if you have a similar dream, if you want to see yourself basking in the glory of a new dawn of technology, stay with me. Contact me for your needs and together we can come up with a great solution.

Online Training Classes give you facilities to get live interaction with the trainer. When you wanted to learn some new technologies, that time you may be faced so much difficulty to understand the concept of technology. Sometimes getting bored when you watching tutorials videos. But Online Training will be always exciting because you always interact with the trainer.

If you think about to get training then you can check your availabilities. Like your timing, cost or reliableness.

  • If you are already in any profession and you wanted to grow up your skills. then you can go for online training.
  • When you already think to get online training then you find the cost of training. Maybe online training sometimes costly. But I (Shibaji Debnath) am providing you with the best quality of professional level of training with affordable prices. Which gives you confidence about your skills.
  • If you wanted to get training through online training then you can check the reviews through google search you will be getting reliability from there. If you wanted to join with me then you can search for me in google. Also, you can visit my another third party profile, where you can check my students review.
  • I am not an expert of all of my training modules but I have professional experience about that training which I am taking the training. Because I am working as a software developer so many years. For that reason, I can be understanding any new software technologies. But I have listed here only that technologies which I have good knowledge of that. But except these technologies, I know so many things which I am not listed here.
  • After Completing training you can always get a suggestion and discuss your job or project. I will always give a positive way to achieve your difficulty.