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I make people aware about core knowledge and concepts about programming and technology. I don't care about theories, conventions or anything all.

Proud to be a Teacher
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Shibaji sir teaches things from the very basic and fully practical level. I...

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It's a wonderful platform where you can learn on your basics and explore on...

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Website Design & PHP and MySQL

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Full-stack Dev with Laravel & VueJS

Course Duration: 60 Hours Class Type: Online Live

Master in Laravel Training in Kolkata by Adept Experts

What you will get from this Course?

Course Features:-
  • Expert-led Live Sessions
  • Hands-On Assignments
  • Real-world Project for Job Interview
  • Lifetime Access Premium Learning Contents
Price: ₹ 32,000.00 or $415.00/-
Class Type: Online Live Class
Prerequisist: Website Designing / development with HTML, CSS, JS, PHP & MySQL
Class Duration: 60 Hours
Practice: 60 Hours
“Looking for the best Laravel training in Kolkata” has become the most common word in these days by the job seekers. Recently, many business owners shift their website framework to Laravel and for that reason, the demand for Laravel developers become so high.  Laravel is a modern, dynamic and very powerful PHP framework basically used for developing websites. To learn Laravel, you don’t to be a high-level PHP coder. With the help of the Laravel framework, a web developer can easily develop user-friendly, clean, and flexible applications. If you already have obtained PHP and MySQL courses or have knowledge of those, then dreaming to be a Laravel developer is appropriate for you. And to achieve your dream, availing Laravel training course from Shibaji Debnath will be the best option for you. Ample students from Kolkata, India have availed our Laravel training course and all of them placed to reputed companies in India. Here, you can learn Laravel with the duration of only 40 hours. If you can’t manage your time to be present in the classes physically, no problem! We also offer online Laravel development training classes for people like you. Let’s take a look at our Laravel training course details:

Laravel Course Description:

  1. PHP and Object-Oriented Programming
    • Entering into Intermediate and Advanced Programming
    • Why Object-Oriented Programming?
      • Making Problem-Solving Easier
      • Modularization
    • Classes and Objects
      • Single Responsibility Principle
      • Constructor Functions in PHP
    • The Client as a Requester Class
    • What About Speed?
      • The Speed of Development and Change
      • The Speed of Teams
    • What’s Wrong with Sequential and Procedural Programming?
      • Sequential Programming
      • Procedural Programming
  2. Basic Concepts in OOP
    • Abstraction
      • Abstract Classes
      • Abstract Properties and Methods
      • Interfaces
      • Interfaces and Constants
      • Type Hinting: Almost Data Typing
    • Encapsulation
      • Everyday Encapsulation
      • Protecting Encapsulation through Visibility
      • Getters and Setters
    • Inheritance
    • Polymorphism
      • One Name with Many Implementations
      • Built-In Polymorphism in Design Patterns

Laravel Training Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Environment Setup
  • Routing
  • Middleware
  • CSRF Protection
  • Controllers
  • Requests
  • Responses
  • Views
  • Sessions
  • Validation
  • Errors & Logging
  • Blade Templates Setting
  • Frontend Scaffolding
  • Compiling Assets
  • Authentication
  • API Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Encryption
  • Hashing
  • Password Reset
  • Artisan Console
  • Broadcasting
  • Cache
  • Collections
  • Events
  • File Storage
  • Helpers
  • Mail
  • Notifications
  • Queues
  • Task Scheduling
  • Database
  • Query Builder
  • Pagination
  • Seeding
  • Redis
  • Eloquent ORM
  • Database Relationship
  • Mutators
  • Serialization
  • Testing
  • HTTP Tests
  • Browser Tests
  • Database Tests
  • Mocking
  • Architecture Concept
  • Package Development
  • Request Lifecycle
  • Service Container
  • Service Provider
  • Facades
  • Contracts
VueJS Topics: I'll start at the very basics, what Vue.js is and how it works before we move on to more complex and advanced topics but I'll be honest: It's too much to fit it all into one sentence, so here's what you'll learn in this Course:
  • What is VueJS and Why would you use it?
  • The Basics (including the basic Syntax, Understanding Templates and much more!)
  • How to Output Reactive Data & Listen to Events
  • Interacting with DOM (Rendering Lists, Conditionally attaching/ detaching Elements ...)
  • Setting up a Development Environment and Workflow
  • Using Components (and what Components are to begin with)
  • Deep Dive Look Behind the Scenes of Vue
  • Binding to Form Inputs
  • Sending Http Requests to Backend APIs
  • Authentication & Vue
  • How to make your App more Beautiful with Animations and Transitions
  • How to create an awesome Single-Page-Application (SPA) with Routing
  • How to improve State Management by using Vuex
  • How to Deploy the App
  • And much more ...
Course Features:
  • Expert-led Live Sessions
  • Hands-On Assignments
  • Real-world Project for Job Interview
  • Lifetime Access Premium Contents
Price: ₹ 32,000.00 or $415.00/-
Class Type: Online Live Class
Prerequisist: Website Designing / development with HTML, CSS, JS, PHP & MySQL
Class Duration: 60 Hours
Practice: 60 Hours
In this fast-moving world, you need to learn fast to be a successful one. As you see, at Shibaji Debnath, you can learn Laravel development within less amount of time with proper care and guidance. Here, the course fee for Laravel development is also very affordable.  So, don’t let such an opportunity to go! Enroll today at the best Laravel training in Kolkata, i.e. Shibaji Debnath and learn Laravel development with ease!