Startup or Portfolio Website

Idea to Online Presence. Measure your online process and executions. Start your online business with us quickly.

Starting Cost: ₹100000.00 or $1280.00

Shibaji Debnath

Software Engineer, Developer and Instructor

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He is really a good teacher. Always ready to help, very experienced and kno...

Paromita Roy

MEAN Stack Development

Excellent teaching. I have learned a lot from him! Very grateful to have him as a teacher....
Soumya Ghosh

Advance JavaScript Development

I have taken class for web designing from shibaji sir. It was awesome class with 100% hands on pract...
Anuradha Prasad

Web Designing

He is very experienced and knowledgeable. He keeps his lesson effective, en...

Ariyam Mukherjee

JavaScript and Angular Training

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Startup or Portfolio Website

Idea to Online Presence. Measure your online process and executions. Start your online business with us quickly.

If you are new to Online Business. and you wanted to excel in Online Business, then this service is the Best for you.

Who needs this type of website development?

Start-up means absolute beginners or New Online Business Idea Tester. If you have no previous experience in online business and try to make an online business from the Idea. Then you can take this kind of website development is required for your new business.

  • New Online Boutique Store.
  • New Online Grocery Store.
  • New Online Grocery Store.
  • New Online Job Consultancy.
  • New Online Traveler Agents.
  • New Online Property Dealer.
  • New Online Cosmetics Saller.
  • Event Management Agents.
  • Online Cars Mechanic.
  • Online Barber Shop.
  • Online Makeup Artist.
  • Online Packers and Movers Agents.
  • Online Tutor/ Professor.
  • Photographers / Painting Artists.
  • Models / Singers / Actors / Comedians / Politicians etc.

What kind of features will be available?

  • Website Frontend for Idea Explanations
    • Home Page - Short Details about Website
    • About Us/Me - Idea Details and Mission and Vision.
    • Articles/Blog Posts - This is most important for Online Start-up businesses.
    • Services/Products Page - If you want to provide any services or products then this is required for you.
    • Terms and Condition
    • Privacy Policy
    • Contact Us/Me
  • Backend for Website Content Management
    • Website Contents Management from Admin Side.
    • Page Content - Add / Update / Delete
    • Article / Posts - Add / Update / Delete
    • Services / Products - Add / Update / Delete
    • Website Settings / Information Change or Manage

Is online Payment Intrgation will be here?

No, Here Online Payment Integration Module is not available. Because Start-up businesses have no online reputations. for that reason, many customers do not pay through an online payment gateway.

Also, the Payments gateway integration process is too tough/ lengthy process. because every 6month the Online Transaction process is changed and for that reason. After Development your payment gateway maybe not work. If you ask for help for that, then we may be charged for that. For the Start-up business, It would be an extra burden. for that reason we have not included it in this website development services.

So, How can we take payments from the clients?

You can take payment through online payment modes. Like Netbanking, Cheque Deposit on your account by the banks, and UPI Payments using your mobile number. This Payment comes after talking with you when your clients are Satisfied with Payments then you will be Shared your Payment Details then clients will be paid. Also, We can give you a Payment Methods Page to Display Netbanking Informations and UPI Payment Information.

Which Technology will be Used?

For the Backend, We will be using WordPress or Strapi. It is the Best for Website content Management. This is very easy for website content handling. And It is too much secure for the website's contents management.

For the Frontend, We will be using Laravel or NextJS. It is the best PHP framework for security and website performance. This is the most popular framework and online SEO purpose is the best for this.

How much will secure my Website?

Actually, It is more than 100% secure. Because your content will be managed by WordPress. WordPress has So many Securities. Laravel is Another Top most popular Framework. This framework has too many securities also. So for this reason, Your website will be more than 100% secure on the Internet.

Do you want to develop your awasome project?

Yes, I want to hire for my project.